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Throughout the towns and villages of Kent, fighting is heavy and confused throughout these morning hours.The major British unit in the area is 1st London Division (XII Corps, Eastern Command), a Territorial unit NOT sent to France.But what if the Germans had won the Battle of Britain?

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An emergency call is made to a German “kampfgeschwader” bomber group, however, who destroys the two bridges instead.

Yet while this air strike secures the Romney-Folkestone beaches from potential British counterattack or reserves, it also means these bridges will not be available to facilitate any subsequent German breakout once XIII Corps hits the beach (17th and 35th Infantry Divisions, already landing on the assault beaches).

One of the initial targets the Germans have selected for their airborne drops is Hawkinge Airfield, just a few miles inland from Folkestone.

A glider assault force of 7th Airborne Division has been detailed with taking this former RAF field, so dozens of waiting Junkers Ju-52 transport planes can bring in larger elements of German light infantry.

Last week, we embarked on an exploration of Operation Sea Lion, one of the most fascinating and debated invasions that never took place in World War II.

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