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I’m reminded of this bit of dialogue from the musical Prison Psychiatrist: And men? Prison Psychiatrist: You have any sexual attraction towards men?

Woof: You mean if I'm a homosexual or something like that? Woof: Well, I wouldn't kick Mick Jagger out of my bed, but uh, I'm not a homosexual, no. There are degrees in between, usually graded as homosocial(likes the company of their own sex) do not have to be identical.

These folks might be somewhat less likely to reject the “bisexual” label with quite the same vehemence as the corresponding self-identifying “straight” people often are.

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"Straight" and "Heterosexual" are clearly not etymological synonyms, even in the context of sexuality as they arose quite separately and are only loosely tied in certain contexts (but never equivalent, in my opinion).

"Straight" is many times employed in a moral sense for much more than sexuality; "Nah, man, I'm straight" can be a refutation of drugs as well.

In terms of expressing attraction to one gender without further implications: "gynephilic" and "androphilic" and/or "gynesexual" and "androsexual" are words that are often used, or simply "men who have sex with men" (edit: note that this refers to action and not attraction, which appears to be your intention) as has been mentioned, since it makes no mention of sexual orientation.

However, in conversation it's probably easier to just say "he likes girls".

being exactly synonymous, though they do overlap a lot. A "bromance" for example, (my apologies for using such a ridiculous word...) is probably straight as in 'normal' and not sexual, but not strictly speaking heterosexual as it is taking homosocial to extremes.

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