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In one, his agents would masquerade as Polish insurgents, seize the German transmitter station at Gleiwitz, broadcast a proclamation, and then escape.In the other, more complex, incident a company of Polish-speaking idealists would be recruited from the Upper Silesian work-force, dressed in Polish uniforms on the eve of White, and ordered to seize a German customs post near Hochlinden; a mock battle would be staged with SS troops, while real Polish troops would be lured into the fray from their garrison at nearby Rybnik by a Polish officer who had recently defected to Germany.The Gestapo chief, Heinrich Mller, also hit on the macabre idea of strewing fresh corpses condemned convicts from Dachau on the battlefield, equipped with genuine Polish soldiers passbooks.

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the italians were still unaware of White, the plan to invade Poland.

For the first time [wrote Weizscker in his diary] were finding the Italian alliance a nuisance.

Hitler needed reliable staged incidents at a closely defined place, time, and date he had a tight OKW schedule to meet.

Two diabolical schemes had been drafted by SS Obergruppenfhrer Reinhard Heydrich, following long-standing patterns set by our western neighbours, as he explained to SS commanders on about the eleventh.

If the West is too obtuse to grasp this, then Ill be forced to come to terms with the Russians and turn against the West first, after which Ill direct my entire strength against the USSR.

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