Chatrooms for homosexuals

Parks and Recreation Natural Resources Police Chief Wayne Kline says that “this operation is a response to a serious and longstanding problem with lewd and indecent public behavior…Such behavior will not be tolerated in a public area within a Delaware State Park.” Potential penalties for these misdemeanor crimes include a year of jail time and a fine of a few thousand dollars.

State tax filing for same-sex couples A growing number of states now allow same-sex couples to file joint returns.

However, with this right, comes tax complications for qualifying couples.

They also coldly acknowledge that gay men who cruise are deserving of entry into the harsh criminal justice system, as one sherriff states: “We’re going to make sure that this element understands that if you come…to this beautiful park that the person you’re trying to solicit or engage in sexual activity with may be an undercover officer.

And if so, you’re going to be arrested.” How have we allowed this to happen?

In June 2013, 10 men were nabbed for “deviant sexual activity” at local parks in Alabama, which is code for same-sex sexual activity according to Alabama law.

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