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Hutto, an Orangeburg attorney who has served in the state senate for 18 years, said the divisive battle among Republicans over Graham presents a chance for a Democrat to win the seat that has been under GOP control for 50 years.

"I know South Carolina is a Red State, and Republicans have a leg up," Hutto said. senators from different parties, Republican Strom Thurmond and Democrat Fritz Hollings, for nearly 40 years.

Brad Hutto, a leading Democrat in the state senate, has filed to run for the U. Six Republicans have filed to challenge Graham in the June 10 primary.

Hutto joins Columbia businessman Jay Stamper, who moved from Washington state last year to run against Graham, as Democrats who have filed for the race.

"I had people say, 'We need someone who acts and talks and sounds like a Democrat.' " Questions surround Stamper.

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