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In fact, Read the stories of dog guardians whose animals have experienced damage from the rabies vaccine.

Some vets don't like doing this, I'm told, but if at first you don't succeed... Among other things, they may recommend a homeopathic remedy to help clear the vaccine from your dog's system.

If you continue to treat your dog's symptoms without treating the cause, you'll likely be treating increasingly bad symptoms for the rest of your dog's life. Although you can legally buy the vaccine and give the shot yourself, you'll likely have to have a licensed veterinarian give it again because most states will not recognize your vaccination as valid as they can't prove it happened. If a lump forms, and especially if it develops into a tumor, you'll want to see if it's at the injection site. Jean Dodds on what part of the dog she, as a rabies vaccine expert, prefers the shot to be given.

Get the lot number of the vaccine used, brand name, date given and location of the shot on the dog's body and report the reaction and diagnosis to the vaccine manufacturer. Have your vet document every step of the dog's treatment and detail the reactions.

And have your vet sign his/her notes and get a copy. , and even when our dog develops them, we are not made aware of the connection.

Let your vet, and your dog's health, guide you to a safe time to vaccinate.

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