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But some of the preserved trees show some astonishing detail, offering clues as to how they pulled through.These clues come in the form of tree rings and even individual cells preserved in the fossils.Ryberg and Isbell are currently in New Zealand, waiting for inclement weather to lift so they can continue on to Antarctica.

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The culprit was likely one we’re familiar with today: climate change.

Scientists think that volcanic activity in what is now Russia, in an area known as the Siberian traps, pushed enough CO2 into the atmosphere to warm the planet and change the oceans beyond what most life could adapt to.

These disparate landmasses were once all part of an ancient supercontinent known as Gondwana.

, in fact, was the first real evidence that Gondwana existed.

In the cold and loneliness, they’ll be walking among the ghosts of a forest long dead, searching for evidence of greener days.

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