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One partner has done something he or she thinks is perfectly normal and within the bounds of marital bliss, but the other partner feels deeply betrayed by the act, which results in profound emotional pain, sporadic rancor—sometimes simmering, sometimes explosive—and the loss of relationship trust and emotional intimacy.And until fidelity and relationship boundaries are adequately defined, the couple’s issues have no chance to abate. By the time symptoms occur, it’s advanced and a serious problem. If you're concerned about atherosclerosis, what should you do?

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They can then be tested appropriately, according to risk level. Angiography is usually for people who already have a strong chance of atherosclerosis.

Your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, age, family history, and medical history will help your doctor determine how likely you are to have it.

Consider this: If you're already low-risk, a positive result on a stress test is probably a false positive, not real atherosclerosis.

(Remember, the test isn't perfect.) You and your doctor may feel the need to get more tests -- maybe even angiography -- exposing you to needless anxiety and risk of complications.

What I like most about this definition it that it applies equally to online and real-world behavior.

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