Single hall tree

This relatively inexpensive technique should be used at first to even out lifted sidewalks.

Another version of shaving is the use of asphalt to level the sidewalk slabs where they have lifted.

In a 6-foot wide swale with a growing tree, that does not allow space to root prune at the edge of the sidewalk.

Single hall tree-69

An additional problem with root pruning is the loss of tree stability.

Trees have stability against wind throw because of the lateral roots.

All of the techniques except for #1 Shaving and #2 Slapjacking are used when removing and replacing sidewalk slabs.

Shaving lifted concrete: Once a slab is lifted by roots, it can be shaved down several times until the thickness of the sidewalk is too small to support the weight of pedestrians and golf carts using the sidewalk.

Types of Damage: Over the years I have observed swale trees (mostly live oaks in this part of Florida) lifting sidewalks usually at the seam or expansion joint.

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