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Also, Klein fucks off and basically disappears, and he was the only character I found even remotely interesting. They even buy a damn house and accidentally adopt a rogue AI in the form of a cute little girl who, as all female characters other than Asuna are wont to do, promptly dies.

Let's start the show with fucking filler episodes, that sounds like a brilliant way to keep people interested. So obvious love interest Asuna gets together with Kirito rather suddenly (character development, what is that), they end up married (what the fuck), and they basically resign themselves to living in Sword Art Online forever.

Muscles start to atrophy after only a few weeks of disuse, so for Kirito to live for two years in a coma would render him completely incapable of moving, let alone walking the minute he wakes up.

Seriously, it would take years of rehabilitation for him to get to this point.

My initial thoughts on the show, after watching the first episode, were naively hopeful. So about halfway through the show Kirito dies, but of course being the Deus ex Machina Digital Jesus that he is, he is resurrected, defeats the ueber-powerful villain, and wakes up in the real world.

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