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They compared those profiles to the language in "Double Falsehood" and determined that the play's first half was almost entirely written by Shakespeare, though the second half appeared to be split evenly between Shakespeare and Fletcher."Double Falsehood," also known as "The Distressed Lovers," is based on the "Cardenio" section of Don Quixote, the classic 17th-century novel by Miguel de Cervantes.

Set in Spain, the play revolves around the romantic entanglements of two brothers: one virtuous, one sinful.

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Theobald said he based the play on three original manuscripts he had discovered, all of them written by Shakespeare.

But many scholars have long dismissed the play as a fake, suspecting that Theobald tried to pass the Bard's work off as his own.

Hammond studied "Double Falsehood's" authorship from a literary perspective five years ago and found Shakespeare's DNA evident in the play.

But he doubts the new research will put the matter entirely to rest.

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