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Rumors flew that they were breaking up and getting back together on the reg, getting engaged, getting pregnant — all sorts of things.

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And this is all pretty hypocritical considering that Rob cheated on Adrienne Bailon back in the day.

Rob and Chyna have always been a little volatile together — we all remember the episode of their show when she screams at him, “Are you still texting b*****s, yes or no?!

Blac Chyna says leaving the Kardashians is like leaving Scientology ... Chyna just filed legal docs in her lawsuit against Kim, Kris and Rob, claiming they sabotaged the… READ MORE Blac Chyna didn't have as many famous guests at her party as Rob for Dream's first birthday ...

READ MORE Blac Chyna is irate over the Kardashians' claim she's responsible for the cancellation of her reality show with Rob, and she thinks they're sending a terrible message to women that getting a… but she had all the bells and whistles necessary to put it over the top.

READ MORE The Kardashians have come out swinging in Blac Chyna's lawsuit against them in which she claims the fam sabotaged her reality show with Rob, saying it was all her doing. READ MORE Blac Chyna's Christmas card screams both naughty and nice ... READ MORE Blac Chyna just got slapped with a lawsuit over a photo of herself, Rob Kardashian and her son ...

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